You can rename, copy and move your diagram files that are stored in Google Drive using the the File menu in the editor.

Rename a diagram file

  1. Select File > Rename from the menu.
  2. Edit the filename then click Rename.

Copy a diagram file to a new diagram

  1. Select File > Make a Copy from the menu.
  2. Edit the Filename, then click on Google Drive. This will make a copy of your diagram in the same folder as the original diagram file.

Move a diagram file to another folder in Google Drive

  1. Select File > Move to Folder from the menu.
  2. If you want to move your diagram file to the root folder in your Google Drive account, click Yes. Otherwise, click No, pick folder.
  3. Navigate to and select the target folder in your Google Drive, then click Select to move your diagram file in Google Drive.

Work with diagram files stored in Google Drive

Storing your files in Google Drive lets you and your teams collaborate easily. Your diagram files in Google Drive are versioned - you can see who makes changes and when, and roll back to an older version if someone has made a mistake. Publishing a diagram as a link from a diagram stored in Google Drive results in shorter, more readable links. 

You can import diagrams into Google Drive in a number of ways, both in and out of the editor.

To return to Google Drive from the editor, hover over the logo at the top left. It will change to the Google Drive logo and display a tooltip - click on it to automatically save your diagram and return to your Google Drive.

Embed diagrams in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets

Using the apps for Google Workplace, you can add diagrams from Google Drive to Google Docs and other Google Workplace apps, without needing to create and embed a static image version of your diagram.

Embed diagrams from Google Drive in Atlassian Confluence and Jira

If you are using the apps for Atlassian Confluence or Atlassian Jira, use the Embed diagram macro to embed a diagram file that you have stored in Google Drive.

If you don't see this option when using Confluence Server, your Confluence administrator will need to enable it in the configuration options.