Usually, when you embed a diagram on a Confluence page, you'll be able to click on links inside the diagram, step through pages and enable/disable layers using the toolbar that appears at the top of your diagram by default. 

If you want to disable both the interaction and the diagram toolbar when viewing a Confluence page, you can set the macro to use the Simple Viewer. This displays a simple PNG image in your page without the diagram toolbar - you can't click on links, step through pages or enable/disable layers using the Simple Viewer.

Enable the Simple Viewer

  1. When editing the page, click on the macro, then select Edit macro to open the Macro Settings dialog. 
  2. Enable the Simple Viewer checkbox, click Save then save your Confluence page. 

The diagram toolbar is then disabled, even though the Toolbar dropdown in the Macro Settings dialog still defines where it would appear if you weren't using the Simple Viewer. 

Now, your diagram will be displayed as a PNG image within your page. Users can still click on the diagram to open it in the Lightbox, where links and page navigation are available. 

Display a specific page and layers in the Simple Viewer

You can change which page and layers are displayed when using the Simple Viewer.

  1. Open the Macro Settings dialog, then click on Select viewer page and layers.
  2. Select the page and layer you want to display, then click Apply.
  3. Save the Macro Settings and then save your Confluence page.

Disable the Lightbox

To prevent all interaction, disable the Lightbox by deselecting that checkbox in the Macro Settings dialog. Now, when you view the Confluence page, the diagram will appear as a static image which can't be opened in the Lightbox.