Administrators can set a custom colour to be used in the menu bar that appears when you edit a diagram in Confluence Cloud by adding some CSS to the JSON configuration code in the Configuration settings.

Setting a specific theme to be used by default whenever users create or edit a diagram is done in a similar way.

Set a custom menu colour and default theme

  1. Go to the Configuration tab in the Configuration section of your Confluence Cloud settings.
  2. Add the CSS code to customise the background colour of the menu bar.
  3. Set a default theme: kennedy, atlas, dark or min. For example, users will see an orange menu bar and use the Kennedy theme by default with the following configuration code:
      "css": ".geMenubarContainer { background-color: #F08705 !important; } .geMenubar { background-color: #F08705 !important; }“,
      "ui": "kennedy"
    } themes

There are four themes you can set as the default in Confluence Cloud.

kennedy: The Kennedy theme has no logo to the left of the menu.

atlassian: The default Atlassian theme uses the Atlassian colours and includes the logo.

dark: The Dark theme is for users who prefer working on a dark background.

min: The Minimal theme shows you a larger drawing canvas and uses floating instead of fixed panels for shape libraries and format settings.